Motorola HKKN4027A RM Series CPS Programming Cable for Two Way Radios


  • Genuine Motorola Accessory W
  • Works with Motorola RM Series Radios
  • Allows you to connect your Motorola Radio to your PC and change settings using the CPS Software



The Motorola CPS Programming Cable lets you program or change features in your radio when used in conjunction with the CPS (Computer Programming Software). You can clone RM Series radio profiles from one Source radio to a Target radio via the CPS and CPS programming cable.

This cable is designed to work either with RM Series radios or RDX series. The CPS cable is made to program RM series radio when the switch is in Flash position. If you want to use the CPS cable to program an RDX radio, make sure the switch is in CPS position and attach a USB converter provided as part of the CPS cable kit (not provided with this cable).

Compatible with Motorola Radios: RMM2050, RMU2040, RMU2080, RMU2080D, RMV2080, RDU2020, RDU2080D, RDU4100, RDU4160, RDV2020, RDV2080D, RDV5100, CLP1010, CLP1040, and CLP1060.

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