Motorola Model RDV5100, RDX Business Series Two-Way VHF Radio




The Motorola RDV5100 RDX Business Two-Way VHF Radio from Motorola delivers just what you need to drive success. Whether indoor or outdoor, this radio delivers a crisp and audible signal with confidence. Versatile and rugged, the RDV5100 will not only provide clear audio transmission but will stand up to the most demanding physical conditions. Rain, wind, fog – this unit will withstand them all. Motorola built this water-resistant unit with heavy-duty on-site work in mind.

Whether it’s enhancing overall efficiency or reducing operational expenses. Our business essential radios provide the perfect partnership of exceptional audio quality and durability. You can expect unstoppable performance and unbeatable dependability anywhere employees communicate – whether working outdoors at the yard or indoors on the shop floor.

Motorola offers a powerful tool for your business in the RDX Series* on-site two-way business radios. Affordable and easy-to-use, these radios enhance employee efficiency and overall profitability. Along with the amazing industrial design, a high level of audio quality, dependability and outstanding performance, the RDX series will keep your workplace running smoothly. Discover what many already know – Motorola’s RDX Series* gets the job done.

Power and Coverage

Communicate across an extended range of 350,000 sq ft and up to 30 floors*. With the 4W / 5W RDX models, your staff can get coverage throughout the facility without interruption, improving efficiency and operational performance.

Exceptional Audio Quality
Wind noise reduction, speaker magnetic field reduction, improved RF specifications
Long Battery Life
Standard Li-Ion battery for up to 18.5 hours per charge with no memory over-charge; an optional ultra high capacity Li-Ion battery is available for up to 26 hours per charge; and there is an optional alkaline battery kit
Customer Programming Software (CPS)
Quickly identify radio details such as serial number, features, frequency range and more (separate USB cable required)
Repeater Capability
Compatible with duplex repeaters so you can significantly extend your radio coverage area
Disable Channel
Allows users to disable and skip undesirable channels via the customer programming software (CPS)
Key Features
  • 89 Selectable UHF or 27 Selectable VHF Freq. (License Required)
  • Business-exclusive frequencies – operates on 99 UHF business exclusive frequencies
  • 18 Hrs Battery Life
  • Designed to IP-55 and MIL-SPEC Specifications
  • Repeater Capable
  • 3 Voice-Inversion Scramble Settings to Minimize Eavesdropping
  • Channel Scan with Selectable Scan List
  • 3 Audible Call Tones
  • 2 Pin Accessory Plug (Compatible With RDX/CLS Series)
  • VOX (Hands-Free Use With Accessories) with 3 Sensitivity Levels
  • Tri-color LED with Transmit, Receive, and Low Battery Indication
  • NOAA Weather Radio Channels Alert (8 channel models only)
  • Antimicrobial Coating – Helps prevent the growth of mold and germs on the surface of the radio
  • Frequency Range: VHF (146 to 174MHz)
  • Audio Output:2W @ 8 ohms
  • Channel Bandwidth: 12.5kHz / 25.09kHz
  • PL Codes: 39 + programmable
  • DPL Codes: 83
  • Dimensions:
    • Standard Li-Ion Battery:
      • 4.5 in H x 2.2 in W x 1.6 in D (115.6 mm H x 57.6 mm W x 40.5 mm D)
    • High Capacity Li-Ion Battery:
      • 4.5 in H x 2.2 in W x 1.6 in D (115.6 mm H x 57.6 mm W x 40.5 mm D)
  • Weight with:
    • Standard Li-Ion Battery:
      • 8.5 oz (241g)
    • High Capacity Li-Ion Battery:
      • 10.3 oz (293g)
  • Average Battery Life:
    • Up to 15 hours with battery save on
    • Up to 12 hours without battery save.
  • Operating Temperature: -30ºC to +60ºC (Radio)


Each RDX Series Radio includes:

  • 2400 mAh Li-Ion Battery (4/5W models)
  • 7 Hour Drop-In Charging Tray with Wall Adapter
  • Spring Belt Clip
  • User’s Guide
  • Safety Leaflet
  • Warranty Card

Wilcox Sound is an authorized Motorola Two-Way Business Radio Dealer

Additional information

Weight 1.75 lbs


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