Neopax Wireless Transmitter Neoprene Belts – Available in different sizes & colors


  • Secure & Conceal Wireless Transmitters on Talent
  • Soft Neoprene Finish on the inside
  • Sewn in Wireless Pouch
  • Available in Black, White or Nude
  • Different Sizes Available


The NeoPax Wireless Transmitter Belt is designed for securing and concealing wireless transmitters on talent for film, television and live productions. Made of soft neoprene finish on the inside, the belt has a soft u-loop backing which allows the hook tab to attach anywhere along the length of the belt.

A sewn-in wireless pouch allows for a snug, secure grip for the transmitter. These pouches are sized to fit either the Lectrosonics UM type transmitter or the “Standard” size, the smaller Lectrosonics SM transmitter or the “SM” size, and the wider Lectrosonics’ “SMQ” size. However, similar size transmitters from other manufacturers will fit in these pouches as well. Simply insert the transmitter into the pouch, wrap the belt around the body, and fasten anywhere along the belt with the integral “hook & loop” straps.

Choose any of our belts in black, white or beige, in the following lengths:

Ankle (17″), Thigh & Thigh-Hi (25″), Waist (40″), Big-Boy (60″), Chest belt (45″)


Pouch Dimensions: 3.25” W X 3.75” H or 82mmX95mm

  • Fits: Lectrosonics LM, UM100, 200C, 250C, 400A , 450
  • Zaxcom TRX-900AA & ZFR-100
  • Sony DWT B01
  • Audio-Technica AEW-T1000A , T310b & T1801C
  • Sennheiser SK2000 & 100
  • Shure Body Packs ( Will be a bit taller than the pouch)


Pouch Dimensions: 2.5” W X 3.25” H or 63mmX82mm

  • Fits: Lectrosonics Single Battery SM & MM400C


Pouch Dimensions: 3.0” W X 3.0” H or 76mmX76mm

  • Fits: Lectrosonics SMDa, SMQa & SMQv
  • Zaxcom TRX900 (LT & LTS) , ZFR-200
  • Sennheiser 5212

**The Thigh-Hi’s narrower cut is designed for use under mini skirts or very short shorts. Unlike the other pouches that open to the top, the Thigh-Hi pouch opens to the side. It is only available in the SM pouch size**

**The Chest Belt is designed to secure a Sanken RM-11 Rubber Mount (and similar sized) microphone mounts to the chest when skin tape is not practical. The pouch has a small opening at the bottom to thread the microphone up through – the chest belts do not hold a TX or RX**

You can find a transmitter size chart here


Wilcox Sound is an Authorized Neopax Dealer

Additional information

Weight 0.20 lbs

Standard, SM, DB-SM, DB


Ankle, Thigh, Waist, Big-Boy Waist, Multi-Pouch Waist, Thigh-Hi, Chest Belt, DB Big-Boy Waist


Black, White, Nude


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