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The Motorola Model RDV2020 RDX Business Two-Way VHF Radio is just what you need on that job site. Whether indoor or outdoor, this radio delivers it’s crisp and audible signal with confidence. Versatile and rugged, the RDV2020 will not only provide clear audio transmission but will stand up to the most demanding physical conditions. Rain, wind, fog – this unit will withstand them all. Motorola built this water-resistant unit with heavy-duty on-site work in mind.

When profit is on the line and time cannot be wasted asking for repeated calls, why pay for an inferior radio which you will only have to replace? You’ll make good use of this radio’s channel selection and multi analog and digital code possibilities.

And, with the optional CPS (Computer Programming Software) interface, internal settings can be “tweaked” to suit your own needs. This is a solidly built radio at a more than affordable business price.

Exceptional Audio Quality
Wind noise reduction, speaker magnetic field reduction, improved RF specifications
Long Battery Life
Standard Li-Ion battery for up to 12 hours per charge; an optional ultra high capacity Li-Ion battery is available for up to 26 hours per charge, and there is an optional alkaline battery kit
Business Exclusive Frequencies
Operating on business exclusive frequencies and featuring many codes to help ensure a clear channel
Customer Programming Software (CPS)
Quickly identify radio details such as serial number, features, frequency range and more (separate USB cable required)
Superior Durability
Meets military 810 C,D,E and F and IP-55 specifications for shock, rain, humidity, salt, fog, vibration, sand, dust, temperature shock and high and low temperature
RDX Series Specifications
RDV2020 RDV2080d RDV5100 RDU2020 RDU2080d RDU4100 RDU4160d
Channels 2 8 10 2 8 10 16
Channel Bandwidth 12.5kHz / 25.0 kHz
Frequency Range VHF (146-174 MHz) UHF (438-470 MHz)
Built-in Frequencies 27 selectable VHF 89 selectable UHF
PL Codes 39 + programmable
DPL Codes 83
Power (Hi/Lo) 2W/1W 2W/1W 5W/2W 2W/1W 2W/1W 4W/2W 4W/2W
Audio 2000 mW through speaker or through
optional audio accessory
Weight 8.6oz/244g 10.3oz/293g 8.6oz/244g 10.3oz/293g
Dimensions 4.5″x2.2″x1.6″ 4.5″x2.2″x1.8″ 4.5″x2.2″x1.6″ 4.5″x2.2″x1.8″
Battery Life* 12 hours std batt / 18 hours hi-cap batt
Mil-Spec 810-C, 810-D, 810-E, 810-F, 810-G
Temperature -30° C to + 60° C

*Dependent on battery type and usage

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