K-Tek KA-113 6-Section Articulated Boom Pole AKA The Bent Pole


  • 2.2′ (67cm) to 9.5′ (289.56cm)
  • 6-Articulating Sections
  • 5-Locking Positions
  • High-Density Graphite Construction

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The K-Tek KA-113 6-Section Articulated Boompole is a very lightweight, superbly engineered, and meticulously crafted 6 section boom pole; made of a graphite fiber derivative in a black matte finish.

There are 4 telescoping sections prior to the pivoting joint and 2 additional sections after the joint. This ingeniously designed mechanism articulates to 5 locking positions from 90° to 180°, allowing for considerable flexibility and precision of microphone placement while remaining outside of the frame line. An example is the ability to place the mic either over or under the subject by simply inverting or rotating the pole position.

  • The durable, dimpled graphite, section collar locks are easily adjustable and jam resistant.
  • Four telescoping sections before the joint and two more after providing a reach of nearly nine and one half feet
  • Five positively locking positions provide articulation at 90, 112.5, 135, 157.5 and 180 degrees
Material Carbon Fiber
Sections 6
Minimum Length 2.2′ (67cm)
Maximum Length 9.5′ (289.56 cm)
Weight 1.77 lb

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Weight 1.95 lbs


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