Comtek PR-75 AutoSmart-Tuning Receiver


  • Auto On When Earphones Inserted
  • AutoSmart Tuning
  • Battery-Powered
  • Durable


The PR-75a AutoSmart-Tuning Receiver from Comtek is ideal for auditory assistance and other personal communication. The receiver automatically tunes itself to the closest transmitter when it’s turned on, so one receiver can be used to tune in to multiple receivers. The receiver runs on 2 AA batteries so it can work anywhere even when you’re not near an outlet. The audio output jack doubles as an automatic on/off switch when earphones are inserted or removed.

  • Self tuning
  • Up to 100 hours of battery life
  • Stereo or mono headsets
  • Simple to use, reliable, and affordable
  • Rugged and durable design


This unique receiver will automatically turn itself on and initiate its AutoSmart-Tuning when the earphone is plugged in. The PR-75a’s AutoSmart-Tuning process selects the closest appropriate transmitter in its vicinity and then sets itself to this channel. This also establishes the receiver’s compatible frequency group when multiple channel operation is in use in the same area. A convenient one-button tuning control will cause the receiver to seek only channels belonging to its frequency group, eliminating the possibility of tuning to an incorrect channel

Single LED Indicator System

During the initial tuning process, the LED indicator will blink very rapidly indicating channel selection. The LED indicator will illuminate continuously when a signal is received. A steady slow LED flash rate indicates that the receiver is no longer receiving a signal. The LED will flash rapidly indicating that the 3-volt battery supply has fallen below 2 volts and the unit must be recharged or two new AA size 1.5-volt batteries are needed

Option P: extended low-frequency response.

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PR-75a, Option P


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