Comtek HH-185 Microphone Boom


  • Fits M-216 Bodypack Transmitter
  • Sub-Mini 2.5mm Push-&-Turn Connector
  • Handheld Operation with Bodypack
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The HH-185 Microphone Boom from Comtek allows the standard M-216 microphone transmitter to be used as a handheld wireless microphone. The gain control on the M-216 transmitter allows the user to adjust the sensitivity of the microphone. The HH-185 boom incorporates a unique integral antenna design so that no external antenna is required while still maintaining the maximum transmission range. The HH-185 can also be used with the PR-216 Plug-in environmental microphone mic input as a handheld, “point-to-sound source” type device to add functionality to the AT-216 assistive listening system. It may be passed around in a group setting or held and pointed in the direction of the desired audio source.

  • A unidirectional microphone reduces background room noise
  • Allows the user to “point” to the desired sound source
  • May be used as a pass-around handheld microphone
  • Ideal for capturing group dialog, commentary, and more
  • 2.5mm connector



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