Comtek BST 75-216 CWN Mini Base Station Transmitter with Communication EQ – 216 MHz


  • 216 MHz
  • Remote Program Monitoring
  • Personal Cueing
  • Point-to-Point RF Audio Links
  • Assistive Listening


The Comtek BST 75-216 CWN Mini Base Station Transmitter with Communication EQ is simple to use and features Flash Memory synthesized channel programmability with a manual, 10-channel selectable switch. A multi-function RF indicator detects bad antenna load, RF presence, and coaxial cable open condition for quick and easy troubleshooting. To accommodate a variety of receivers, the BST 75-216 Transmitter can operate with both non-companded receivers and companded receivers for higher fidelity sound reproduction. A practical, compact, all-metal enclosure is suitable for permanent rack-mount installations or for standalone portable use.

The BST 75-216 CWN is configured with 5 channels using the wide band compounded channels for use with the PR-216 receiver and 5 channels using the narrow band non-companded channels for use with the Phonak Invisity receivers. Both channel groups use the standard EQ.

Full fidelity frequency response
Suitable for sound carts
Compact design
Easy setup and installation
User selectable RF output power level
Rack Mount Not Included

**Custom Channel Programming Available Upon Request**


Audio Inputs Line level balanced input 0 dBm for 80% modulation (+20 dBm maximum, XLR-3F)Unbalanced input (+5 dBm maximum) or 2 wire electret microphones with bias voltage for electret microphone (-35 dBV at 5 kΩ) with 1/4” phone jack
Connectors XLR-3F Combo with 1/4” phone jackBarrel type 5.5 x 2.1 mm power jack DCBNC type RF output
Indicators Operation Indicators:LED bar-graph VU meterLED antenna load and SWR indicator

LED DC power indicator

Antenna Short loaded BNC whip antennaBNC RF output connector for an external antenna (sold separately)
FCC Compliance Type certification and type acceptance under FCC Part 95
Power Requirements 12 VDC, 200 mA maximum
Frequency Response 100 Hz to 10 kHz
Audio Distortion Less than 1% at 80% modulation
Gain Control Audio: Limited to 20 dB
Limiter Modulation Limiter: Peak compressor type with high linear overload protection (25 dB)Attack time less than 1 minutes, recovery time 10 ms
Audio Processing Companded and non-companded to accommodate a variety of receivers
RF Output Power Maximum power output for FCC Part 95 (100 mW)
Frequency Stability Better than 0.002% digitally synthesized, crystal controlled
Frequency Modulation 10 kHz deviation companded5 kHz deviation non-companded
Operating Frequency 216.0125 to 216.9750 MHz (57 channels)Custom factory programmed to 10 of 19 available high-fidelity companded channels or may be programmed to 10 of 38 standard non-companded NB channels
Harmonic & Spurious Emissions Better than 50 dB below carrier
Dimensions 3.75 x 1.63 x 5.25″ (9.53 x 4.14 x 13.34 cm)
Weight 17.00 oz (481.94 g)

Additional information

Weight 3.50 lbs


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