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The WTCS Time Code Slate from BETSO meets the tough requirements of everyday use both from the mechanical as well as from the functional point of view. Applied materials such as stiff wood, anodized aluminum alloy, and ball bearings, along with a quality treatment process ensures a long product life and maximum satisfaction of its use. 

Radio reception of SMPTE TC signal

Wireless slate BETSO WTCS allows receiving of TC signal on any of the 16 independent RF channels in a frequency band 433.15 – 434.65 MHz with a bandwidth of 100kHz. Wireless slate BETSO WTCS supports both standard and packet mode of transmission of TC according to BETSO PACKETTM standard.

  • Standard BETSO PACKETTM was developed to significantly reduce the transmission failure in the interfering radio environment. This standard allows the operation of the wireless slate BETSO WTCS at a distance up to 400 m from the transmitter of the TC signal in the conditions of direct visibility.

  • Standard TC signal transmission mode is implemented for the ability of co-operation with the set of multi-functional 16 channel TC signal transceivers BETSO TCXS. Along with the set of multi-functional 16 channel TC signal transceivers BETSO TCXS it is possible to use a wireless slate BETSO WTCS with any other wired or wireless SMPTE TC signal processing system. This transfer mode allows the operation of the wireless slate BETSO WTCS at a distance up to 300 m from the transmitter of the TC signal in the conditions of direct visibility.

Of course, there is the possibility of bringing the SMPTE TC signal over cable. To connect the cable with the wireless slate BETSO WTCS NeutrikTM 6.3 mm jack connector is used.

Support of SMPTE TC signals

Wireless slate BETSO WTCS supports all existing frame rates in the range of 23.976 fps – 30 fps, and both drop frame, and non-drop frame formats. The wireless slate WTCS automatically detects receiving TC signal format and allows to show the information about the format of the actual receiving TC signal on display. It can process up to two times speeded up TC signal (for use in music videos etc.).

Function overview of wireless slate BETSO WTCS

Any setting is done via an intuitive text menu on the display. Changing the settings so won’t take more than a few moments.

  • Function display TC allows you to specify whether after the opening of the arm of the slate it should be displayed time information or user bits information contained in the incoming TC signal. During opened arm operation it could be temporarily switched between this information (time or user bits) by holding the SET button (after its release it will be displayed the pre-set information type again).

  • Functions TC holds a UB hold allows setting for how long time after a clap of the arm of the slate it will be displayed synchronization time and user bits information contained in the frame during which the clap occurred.

  • Feature full-brightness sets the maximum brightness during displaying of synchronization and user bits information after a clap of the arm of the slate. This feature allows saving battery power by setting the display brightness for the normal operation of the slate to a lower value than would be necessary for a proper video record of TC displayed by the slate during any light conditions. Thanks to this feature it will be possible to properly read TC captured on video record during any light conditions.

  • Function LED flash defines two independent functions of sync LED which is situated on the, for video record visible place, on the arm of the slate.

    • clap lights on the sync LED during the duration of the frame in which a clap occurred.

    • 00 frame lights on the sync LED during the duration of each zero frames of each new second in TC signal.

    This feature speeds up the orientation in time during the processing of video records.

  • Function Board LED allows activating the external backlight of the slate information area.

  • The wireless slate BETSO WTCS allows the automatic choice between cable and radio input with priority for the cable input of TC signal. Then the slate allows displaying the information about the frame rate of the incoming TC signal.

  • The slate has implemented an auto-off function for long period without the use of the slate.

  • Smart power management allows prolonged use of the slate during battery operation. The lifetime of batteries depends on the intensity of brightness of the display and reaches up to 600 hours in standby and 60 hours in active mode. Low batteries power indicator was implemented.

  • The slate can be powered externally through a cable used to bring the TC signal.

Script – the broadcast of synchronization TC signal to scripting device BETSO WSR

Wireless slate BETSO WTCS offers sophisticated functionality of posting time of clap to scripting device BETSO WSR. This function sends after the clap of the arm of the slate the data contained in the TC signal of the frame during which the clap occurred. The data sends on a pre-set RF channel which is different from an RF channel used for TC reception so the original TC broadcast will not be affected. Thanks to this sophisticated feature it is possible to edit clap times using the scripting device BETSO WSR without having to consult the exact time of each clap with the person controlling the wireless slate BETSO WTCS.

The slate is supplied in a professional hard case where one slate WTCS and one multi-functional 16 channel transceiver BETSO TCX are presented.

Top features

  • ball bearing utilized for gentle operation and long lifetime of the arm of the slat

  • intuitive control with a quick, menu-based, setting of all advanced functions

  • intelligent functions full-brightness, led-flash, auto-off function etc.

  • supports 23.976 fps – 30 fps drop frame and non-drop frame SMPTE TC formats (includes up to two times sped up TC for use in music videos etc.)

  • 16 RF channels in the band 433.15 – 434.65 MHz

  • supports basic mode of RF transmission that allows co-operation with the set of multifunctional 16 channel TC signal transceivers BETSO TCXS

  • range up to 400 m in packet and up to 300 m in basic mode in the conditions of direct visibility

  • possibility of reserve random RF channel for co-operation with TC receiver for script BETSO WSR

  • operating time up to 600 hours in standby and up to 60 hours in active mode

  • 10 levels of display brightness


WTCS time code slate, TCX transceiver, batteries, 2pc of battery holder for 6xAA, two writing sheets (small and large), transport custom made case and mini screwdriver for the setting of frequency on TCX

Technical specifications

Display 1“ blue OLED with adjustable brightness
Dimensions (h x w x d) 207 x 270 x 30 mm (with large writing sheet)
150 x 225 x 30 mm (with small writing sheet)
Weight approx. 1130 (including batteries)
Mechanical construction CNC milled, anodized aluminum alloy, stiff wood, and ball bearings
Powering 6x AA battery (alkaline or lithium) / 6x Accu (NiMH, NiCd)
External powering 6 – 18 V DC via 6,3mm Jack connector
Current consumption approx. 30 – 900 mA *
approx. 2,5 mA in stand-by mode (arms of the slate closed)
Battery life Up to 64 hours **
SMPTE TC formats 23,976 fps – 30 fps including DF and NDF (also 2x multiples: 23.976 fps – 60 fps supported)
Input TC sensitivity 0.2 – 10 V (p-p)
Frequency range 433,15 – 434,65 MHz
Number of channels 16 (0 – F)
Channel bandwidth 100 kHz
Frequency deviation 20 kHz

* depends on the brightness of displays

** with the lowest display brightness



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