WindTech 3/8″ Inside Diameter Military High Density Replacement Windscreen


  • 3/8″ Inside Diameter
  • Made in the USA
  • Water Repellant


The WindTech 10379 windscreen is designed for use in high wind applications for most lapel or lavalier type microphones with up to .375″ (9.5mm) in diameter. It is made from high density military grade S80 SonicFoam. It also includes a proprietary water repellent, wicking treatment that meets military requirement standards. Intended for live broadcast news, outdoor events and general use, there is only a slight affect to the microphone’s frequency response.

Fits the Following Microphones:
  • Audio Technica AT803B, 830R, 831, 837, 855, 859. ATM15, 73A. ES915, ES933, ES943. PRO7a
  • Audix ADX10, ADX40, TR-40
  • Beyer MC5, MC6, MCE10
  • Countryman EMW
  • Crown GLM100, GLM200
  • Earthworks QTC, TC, M
  • Electro Voice HM-1
  • Gentex 5070
  • Lectrosonics HM142, HM152, HM162, M119, M140
  • Lightspeed TX-170
  • MicW E418, E436, i436, M416
  • Samson QV
  • Sennheiser HSP4
  • Shure SM93, 99, WCM-16
  • Sony ECM-30
  • Special Projects SP2000, SP5200, SP5251, SP5252, SP5255, WPHS-746, WPHS-756
  • Telex PH21, 22, 23
  • Tram TR-50

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