WindTech 3/16″ Inside Diameter Military High Density Replacement Windscreen


  • 3/16″ Inside Diameter
  • Made in the USA
  • Water Repellant


The new WindTech 10378 windscreen is designed for use in high wind applications for smaller size (5 – 10mm) lapel, lavalier and headset type microphones. It is made from high density military grade S80 SonicFoam. It also includes a proprietary water repellent, wicking treatment that meets military requirement standards. Intended for live broadcast news, outdoor events and general use, there is only a slight affect to the microphone’s frequency response. The 10378 windscreen offers from 5 to 15db of wind noise protection depending on the microphone being used.

Fits the Following Microphones:
  • AKG C407, C417, C577, CK55, CK77-3, CK970, CK99L
  • Audio Technica AT803B, 830R, 831, 837, 855, 859, AT898, AT899, ATM15, 73A. ES915, ES933, ES943, MT350, PRO7a, PRO70
  • Audix ADX-5, ADX10, ADX40, TR-40
  • Auray OLM2
  • Beyer MC5, MC6, MCE5, MCE10, MCE60
  • Countryman EMW
  • Crown GLM100, GLM200
  • DPA 4060, 4061, 4062, 4063, 4071, 4088, 88, Omni
  • Earthworks QTC, TC, M
  • Electro Voice HM-1, OLM-10, RE90L
  • Gentex 5070
  • Lectrosonics HM142, HM152, HM162, M119, M140
  • Lightspeed TX-170
  • MicW E418, E436, i436, M416
  • Pearstone OLM2
  • Ramsa WX-RP410
  • Samson QV
  • Senal OLM2
  • Sennheiser ECM770, HSP4 , ME2, MKE-2, MKE102-60, ME102, ME104, ME105
  • Shure Beta 53 headset, MC51B, MC50B, WCM-16, WL20, WL50, WL51, WLM10, SM93, 99
  • Sony ECM-V1, ECM-30 , ECM-44, ECM-77, ECM-322, UWP-V
  • Special Projects SP5254, SP2000, SP5200, SP5251, SP5252, SP5255, WPHS-746, WPHS-756
  • Telex EMM-22/33, PH21, 22, 23, WLM30
  • Tram TR-50
  • Voice Technologies VT506

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