Wilcox Lavalier Fishing Lure Weight


  • Mic talent in no time
  • No awkwardness
  • Easy to travel with


The Lavalier Weight from Wilcox Sound not only expedites the process of micing talent but it also takes the awkwardness out of it. You connect the fishing lure weight to your lavalier microphone and then drop the lure into the talents garment, it will drop out of the bottom of the garment where you can now connect it to the transmitter. The design of this weight makes these easy to get onto the plane and travel with, it is small enough to fit into any kit and soldered into place so that it will last a long time!

  • Available with a 3.5mm Female connector or TA5F connector
  • Made in-house by our tech.

*Color may vary by availability, if you have a preferred color please leave a note on the order and we will do our best to accommodate you. Our colors vary from Silver/Chrome, Gold, Rose Gold, and Black.*




Additional information

Weight 0.10 lbs

3.5mmF, TA5M


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