Rycote Duck Raincover for Windshield Kits


  • Waterproof Barrier ontop of Windshield
  • Significant Rain Drop Noise Reduction


The Rycote Duck Rain Cover is an open cell foam accessory with a weatherproof backing for protecting the Rycote Windshield Kit  from rain and associated noise. The Duck Rain Cover simply mounts over the windshield kit and wind muff, creating a waterproof barrier without effecting the microphone’s performance. The Duck Rain Cover is an indispensable accessory for location shooting in video, film, ENG, EFP, sporting events and more.

Weatherproof cover for mono (single microphone) windshields
Diffuses the sound of rain droplets

Duck-WS1 : Suitable for Rycote Modular Windshield 1 Kit Part # 214111

Duck-WS2 : Suitable for Rycote Windshield 2 Kit Part # 214112

Duck-WS3 : Suitable for Rycote Windshield Kit 3 and Super-Shield Kit (Small) Part#214113

Duck-WS4 : Suitable for Rycote Windshield Kit 4 & 5 and Super-Shield Kit Medium and Large Part # 214101

Duck-WSAD : Suitable for Rycote Windshield AD Kit Part # 214120

Duck-WSAE : Suitable for Rycote Windshield AE Kit Part # 214121

Duck-WSAF : Suitable for Rycote Windshield AF Kit Part # 214122

Duck-WSAG : Suitable for Rycote Windshield AG Kit Part # 214123

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Duck-WS1, Duck-WS2, Duck-WS3, Duck-WS4, Duck-WSAD, Duck-WSAE, Duck-WSAF, Duck-WSAG


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