Rycote CC-Hotshoe Camera Clamp Adapter


Shoe Mount for 21/25mm Camera Clamps


This Rycote CC-Hotshoe Camera Clamp Adapter allows standard shoe-mountable items to be used in a 21/25mm camera clamp. The adapter ships with a removable sleeve that acts as a shim for providing a snug fit into 25mm clamps (Sony and Canon). Without the sleeve, the adapter easily mounts the 21mm clamps found on JVC and Panasonic brand cameras.

Top Fitting: Suitable for male flash shoe accessories
Length: Overall Length: 2.56″ (65mm)
Mic clamp (with sleeve): 0.98 x 1.49″ (25 x 38mm)
Mic clamp (without sleeve): 0.82 x 1.49″ (21 x 38mm)
Weight (with sleeve): 0.6 oz (16.9g)

Additional information

Weight 0.30 lbs


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