Rycote Connbox CB11 with 2-MZL Detachable Tails to XLR 5M


  • Designed for Two Sennheiser MKH 8040s
  • Designed for WS AC MS Windshield Kits
  • Gold 5-Pin Neutrik XLR Connector
  • Mogami Star-Quad Cable


The Connbox CB11 with 2-MZL Detachable Tails to XLR 5M from Rycote is for connecting microphones to the Rycote Suspension Windshield. It is used to isolate and reduce handling and cable-borne noise when capturing audio to dual microphones mounted to a windshield kit. It features two MZL microphone connectors, two TA3 input connectors to the Connbox and a Neutrik gold XLR 5M connector hardwired to a Mogami star-quad output cable.

Acting as a transition connector and anchor point to the microphone tail, the Connbox is set to work with the microphone when both are fitted in the windshield. When fitted to the windshield the cable is not allowed to touch the internal surface of the basket. The Mogami cable reduces the transmission path of cable-borne noises as well as cable rumble.

This Connbox is suitable for a pair of Sennheiser MKH 8040s or 8050s in a WS AC MS Kit or an ORTF Windshield Kit. The MZL tails are detachable from the Connbox.

Isolates and minimizes handling and cable-borne noise
Greatly improves audio quality of recordings
A ready-to-use solution for providing professional sound recorders the ability to achieve clean, high quality audio recordings

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