Professional Acrylic Clapper Board Dummy Slate With Stick


  • Acrylic & Wood
  • Bolts in sticks can be adjusted if needed
  • Great kit for film shooting, directors, or movie fans



Production dummy slate designed to be used with dry-erase markers. The slate is made out of acrylic, with standard-size clapper sticks and a writing surface of 7.5 x 11″.


A clapperboard is a device used in filmmaking and video production to assist in the synchronizing of pictures and sound and to designate and mark particular scenes and takes recorded during production. The sharp “clap” noise that the clapperboard makes can be identified easily on the audio track, and the shutting of the clapstick can be identified easily on the separate visual track. The two tracks can then be precisely synchronized by matching the sound and movement. Other names for the clapperboard include clapper, clapboard, slate, slate board, sync slate, time slate, sticks, board, and sound marker.


Additional information

Weight 0.10 lbs

Color 7-Section, Color 8-Section, Mini 7-Section


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