ORCA Bags OR-40 Audio Harness


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The OR-40 Orca Audio Bag Harness from ORCA is a lightweight and ventilated harness that can be connected to any Orca Audio Bag to help distribute the weight better and relieve the weight while shooting. An internal cable and pouch for a battery or power bank are built-in to the harness. The harness features aluminum buckles for connection to any Orca Audio Bag and can be adapted for different users. The EVA skeleton and mesh fabric allow for ventilation.


  • The world’s first power harness with internal cabling and a special pouch for battery or power bank
  • Harness is easily adapted to suit any user
  • Extremely lightweight and ventilated using EVA skeleton with mesh fabric
  • Special strong aluminum buckles for extra strength and easy connection to any Orca Audio Bag
  • Unique sliding system to fit any operator of any size
  • Detachable pouch for holding a boom pole when in use

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Weight 2.00 lbs


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