KN95 Disposable Face Mask White – 20 Pack


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The KN95 Face Mask is KN95 and European FFP2 certified, similar to the American N95 certified mask. KN95 is an industrial manufacturing standard meaning our masks are effective against 95 percent of particles with a mass median diameter of 0.3 micrometers or larger. Properly worn masks can protect very well against PM10, PM2.5, and smaller particles. BFE>95% (Bacterial filtration efficiency)

The KN95 Face Mask can help reduce exposure to biological substances, such as bacteria and viruses. Please note however that wearing a mask cannot eliminate the risk of infection as it depends on the proper fit of the wearer.

  • Pollen – The KN95 Face Mask can protect you from pollen. Our filter has an efficiency of above 95% at 0.3 pm particle size, whereas normal pollen particles are about 10 – 1000 pm in size.
  • Animal Allergens – The KN95 Face Mask can protect you from animal allergens. The efficiency of above 95% at 0,3 pm particle size, animal allergen particles are about 5 – 10 pm in size.
  • Size: 175 x 95mm Quantity 20PCS/BOX
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USAGE: Mask on mouth and nose, prevent inhalation of dust and particles. 
1. Face the mask without nose clip, place the nose clip over the mask, hold the mask on your face, put the mask on your chin
2. Just pull the ear band to the outside of both ears and hang it
3. Put your fingers in the middle of the metal nose clip, press in while moving the fingertips to both sides along the nose clip, until the nose clip is fully pressed into the shape of the bridge of the nose
4. Put your hands on your face to check for face tightness

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