K-Tek Squid Universal Mount


  • Silicone Construction
  • For use with Transmitters
  • Mounts Items to Boompoles & More
  • Adds Little Load to Boom poles
  • Provides Shock-Absorption to Devices
  • Allows You to See Controls Easily


The KSQD1 from K-Tek or the Squid, as it’s more commonly known is a convenient, stretchy solution for mounting a transmitter, mobile device, remote, and more to a tripod, handgrip, or boom pole. The Squid is made of silicone and is quite elastic and strong that provides enough stretch to provide a solid grip over the device. The silicone doubles as a barrier to shield the equipment, offering a sort of shock absorber. The controls and status indications are easy to see and operate as the Squid is translucent.

Using the Squid to attach something like a transmitter to the top of your boom pole can also achieve better RF range* depending on location, you can feel assured that your transmitter is secured and stable when swinging the boom back and forth during takes. This mount can also be used on tripod legs, antenna masts, or any tube-shaped object.


*Wilcox Sound is an authorized K-Tek dealer

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