K-Tek Brand New Stingray Harness


  • Reduces Strain of Carrying Heavy Gear
  • Design Holds Weight in Hip Fins
  • Adjustable to Your Body Types and Size
  • 6-Mounting Points to Secure Bag
  • Made of Lightweight, Breathable Material

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The K-Tek KSHRN1 Stingray Harness is designed to redistribute the weight of the professional audio gear in your bag. The harness’ Rigid Spine transfers the load from the shoulders and spine through the exoskeleton and down to the padded hip fins. Combined with six mounting points, the bag is held securely to the body while offering comfort, allowing for longer duration shots and reducing back fatigue. This customer-inspired design is a suitable solution for the changing production landscape.

The Butterfly element (over and under shoulder straps) can be easily adjusted on the main exoskeleton portion of the harness, making it adaptable to various body types and sizes. Integrated D-Rings, strap mounts, and Molle straps offer an assortment of attachment points.

  • Exospine: Rigid Spine design to transfer bag weight through harness instead of shoulder/spine
  • Hip Fins comfortably transfer Rigid Spine load into hips/legs
  • Six adjustable mounting points to effectively and comfortably secure the bag to the body.
  • Butterfly design shoulder straps to fit various body types and sizes
  • Lightweight, breathable material keeps you comfortable and cool
  • Plenty of attachment points on front and back of the harness

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