Hide-A-Mic Microphone Soft & Flexible Concealers for the Sanken COS11 – Transparent




The Solution you’ve been looking for when hiding those pesky little microphones….now available in a soft & flexible material!

The Flexible Microphone Concealers from Hide-A-Mic are the same innovative tool designed to easily hide a Sanken COS11 lavalier microphone under any piece of clothing but in a soft and flexible material. The cage-like design allows for great sound quality. Unlike other microphone holders, these are very easy to apply. You just pick the right holder, put in place and you are ready to roll.

This set contains 4 different holders each with its own use

  • Shirt-Holder – Put the mic in the shirt holder and place it behind the front placket of the shirt. Clip the holder close to a button and adjust the strain relief at the back.
  • Bra-Holder –  Slide the holder over the microphone and place them on the center core of the bra. Doesn’t damage the fabric and can be self-applied by the talent.
  • T-Shirt Holder – Apply double-sided tape to the back of the holder. Place it behind the seam of the t-shirt and run the wire of the microphone to the back of the talent.
  • Tie-Holder – Feed the microphone from the back of the tie and down through the knot. Apply the tie-holder to the mic and push back up into the knot.

Available as a 4-Pack or as a Single-Item Holder


Wilcox Sound is an authorized Hide-A-Mic dealer

Additional information

Weight 0.10 lbs

4-Pack, Bra-Holder, Shirt-Holder, T-Shirt Holder, Tie-Holder


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