DPA Microphone Holder for Stringed Instruments – 5 Pieces


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The DPA Microphone Holder for Stringed Instruments (5 Pieces) MHS6005 is a soft piece of rubber designed for mounting a DPA Miniature microphone on a violin, viola, cello or double bass. Depending on the desired sound color and sound level, the holder can be mounted between the tailpiece and the bridge of the instrument, or can be placed above or below the strings.

Using this mount below the strings is especially good for use in live applications. It allows for greater gain before feedback and less leakage from nearby sound sources. The microphone’s close placement to the wood of the instrument will reveal a darker response. Mounting the microphone above the strings works well for solo performance, or in the studio. The sound will be more open and clear, revealing the true sound of the instrument and the room. The miniature microphone is secured by its cable in a clip, while the holder itself has a firm grip on two strings of the instrument with small hooks.

Perfect Position
Use this convenient clip to perfectly position your microphone on your violin, viola, cello, or double bass.

*This unit includes (5) pieces.

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