DPA 4080 d:screet Miniature Cardioid High Sensitivity Lavalier Microphones


  • Designed for Speech Reproduction
  • For Broadcast, Conference, or Live Use
  • Pre-EQ’d 4dB Presence Boost
  • Fits Left- and Right-Buttoned Shirts
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The d:screet 4080 Miniature Cardioid Lavalier Microphone by DPA Microphones is for speech reproduction. It is used in various environments to capture audio in applications such as for broadcast TV, conference rooms, lectures, studio recording, field work, and more. It features a cardioid polar pattern and has 250 Hz to 17 kHz frequency range. It also features a pre-equalized 4dB presence boost which makes the voice more distinguishable and improves speech intelligibility.

The DPA 4080 is pre-mounted in a microphone holder with a black pop filter. The integrated shock mount is fixed on a clip. It can be turned in all directions and fits both left and right buttoned shirts. One black and one white foam windscreen and a microphone clip with shock-mount are included.

With optional MicroDot connector
DPA 4080 is delivered with a pre-mounted black pop filter in a holder with an integrated shock mount, fixed on a clip
Off-axis rejection, high sensitivity, and a frequency response tailored for maximum speech intelligibility

MicroDot output connector is compatible with various wireless microphone transmitters or power supplies with standard XLR outputs. Adaptor Required

MicroDot options : MicroDot, Standard XLR, LEMO, TA4F, Hirose, Locking Mini Jack, TA5F

You can also get it hardwired with the following connectors: LEMO, TA4F, Mini Jack or TA5F

Note: All DPA microphones feature a MicroDot connection and require an optional adapter for use with various wireless microphone transmitters unless a pigtail mic was purchased.

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Pigtail, Microdot, XLR-Microdot, LEMO-Microdot, TA4F-Microdot, Hirose-Microdot, Locking Mini Jack-Microdot, TA5F-Microdot, LEMO-Hardwired, TA4F-Hardwired, Locking Mini Jack-Hardwired, TA5F-Hardwired


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