Denecke Cine Sync EC-2TC Footage/Frame Counter


  • Footage & Frame Counter
  • Compatible with Multiple Formats
  • Non-Volatile Memory


The Cine Sync EC-2TC Footage/Frame Counter from Denecke is a universal footage, frame, and time-frame counter. It displays footage in 16mm, 35mm, total frames, and time at 24, 25, and 30fps.

The unit offers count speed up to 500fps and film speed to 1/10fps. Frame blanking eliminates distracting flicker above 20fps. It also features zero-reverse count for display of negative numbers. Memory is not lost even when the unit is powered down.

Electronic Footage/Frame Counter
This unit counts footage/frames and time/frames with multiple film formats and timing standards.
Non-Volatile Memory
Settings are saved even when the unit is turned off.

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Weight 2.00 lbs


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