Comtek M-175 Frequency Synthesized Wireless Portable Transmitter



The Comtek M-175 personal transmitter is a professional quality, compact body-worn transmitter designed for reliable one-way remote communication. It’s ideal for many applications including personal cueing, assistive listening, tour guide presentations, communication for on-the-job training (requiring being some distance away or in a noisy environment), and other personal, one-way remote communication situations.

For natural sound, the M-175 incorporates the latest digital and analog technologies to produce high-quality sound with low residual noise, wide dynamic range and extended frequency response.


  • Higher Power for More Versatility
  • Companded and Non-Companded
  • High Fidelity Performance
  • 88 User-Selectable Channels
  • Efficient Microphone Cord Antenna


Option 7: Frequency synthesized, portable transmitter with BNC RF output and dedicated aux or line level input. Includes C-216 carrying case, two FWA-72 TL top-loaded flexible helical antennas with BNC connector(one for channels A-E and one for channels F-J), CB-36 XLRF aux input cable, and BC-216 belt clip. Operates in the 72-76 MHz band.

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M-175, Option 7


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