Alfa Case Crushproof & Waterproof MicTube Protective Case for Microphones


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The MicTube from Alfa Case is a weatherproof microphone case designed to carry a single shotgun microphone in a padded, waterproof case. It comes with a lockable draw-latch top. The MicTube will float if dropped in a body of water although it is not recommended. It’s O-Ring sealed lid keeps out moisture, dust, grit and gives your expensive mics good protection.

This will mount to a BoomTube with a mounting kit

The MicTube comes in two different colors – Black or Yellow although the MicTube for the Neumann TLM-102 microphone comes in Black, Yellow, Blue or Silver. 

The MicTube is available in 7 different sizes including ones made for the Sanken CSS-5 & Neumann TLM-102 microphones.

  • Up to 10″
  • To fit the Sanken CSS-5
  • Up to 12.5″
  • Up to 15″
  • Up to 18.5″
  • Up to 24″
  • To fit the Neumann TLM-102

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Additional information

Weight 2.00 lbs

Black, Yellow, Blue, Silver


10", Sanken CSS-5, 12.5", 15", 18.5", 24", Neumann TLM-102


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