Alfa Case Crushproof & Waterproof BoomTube Protective Case for Boompoles


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The Boom Tube from Alfa Case is designed to withstand the normal, day-to-day working environment of film, TV and ENG shoots. Whether you work on location or in a studio, the Boom Tube will protect your expensive microphone or boom pole during travel or in storage. The folks over at Alfa Case put a lot of thought into this product when designing it, the lid is designed so that it is pulled off and kept tethered to the Boom Tube rather than with a hinge that could be snapped off in the field or during shipping. The lid is keyed so it mates with the draw latch when put back on the tube. Foam cushions protect the ends of the boom pole in the case.

NEW! ABS lightweight tube construction. Boom Tube for poles 16-32″ collapsed with internal cabling and 3 x 2″ foam inserts for decreasing interior tube length. BoomTube for poles 32-36″ collapsed, with internal cabling. Each Boom Tube includes carry strap, lid retaining cord. Two (2) Year Warranty. Note: Only the 16-32″ size BoomTube will include 3 x 2″ foam inserts. All other sizes will come without foam inserts.

The Boom Tube comes in two different colors Black or Yellow and 7 different sizes including one made for the K-Tek K-113-CC Articulated Pole & K-Tek K-152CCR (32-39″). There is also an optional TSA approved Lock that is available for purchase with your Boom Tube


Part #’s for this listing include: 10032BTLB, 10032BTLY, 10032BTLB-TSA-B,10032BTLY-TSA-B,10036BTLB,10036BTLY,10036BTLB-TSA-B,10036BTLY-TSA-B,10039BTLB,10039BTLY,10039BTLB-TSA-B,10039BTLY-TSA-B,10046BTLB,10046BTLY,10046BTLB-TSA-B,10046BTLY-TSA-B,10055BTLB,10055BTLY,10055BTLB-TSA-B,10055BTLY-TSA-B,10062BTLB,10662BTLY,10062BTLB-TSA-B,10062BTLY-TSA-B,10029BTLB-K113,10029BTLB-K113-TSA-B


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Black, Yellow


16-32", 32-36", 32-39", 37-46", 47-55", 56-62", K-113

Optional Lock

Yes, No


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