Garfield Headphone Softies – Pair of Soft Headphone Earpad Covers


Available in Black,Red,Green,Blue or Gold

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Headphone Softie is a set of soft headphone earpad covers, made of a velour-like rayon chenille fabric. The colors available are black, blue, green, gold and red.

The covers will fit most full-sized, circum-aural headphones, such as the Sony MDR-7506 and the Senal SMH-1000.

This product is designed with both practicality and comfort in mind, providing a nice cushiony feel for extended wear.

It is also resistant to temperature extremes by providing warmth in cold weather, and deflecting perspiration in hot, humid locations.

The headphone softies have no adverse effect on the frequency response or audio delivery of the headphones.

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Black, Red, Blue, Green, Gold


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