Do you use RØDE products and like many others wonder “Which adaptor/cable is right for me?” It is a frequently asked question and we are here to help! RØDE put together a cheat sheet to help you easily figure out which smart cable is right for your device. Take a look below


The RØDE Smart Cables are a range of cables and adaptors to suit both TRS & TRRS connections and allow connectivity between the two. Whether you’re recording into a camera (TRS) or smartphone (TRRS) the SC range will expand the possible microphone options for your device, allowing on-camera VideoMics to be used with smartphones, and smartphone-specific mics like the smartlav+ to be used with camera and other recording devices, giving you, even more, recording solutions for mobile journalism, podcasting and more! All RØDE TRRS devices are wired to the commonly used AHJ/CTIA standard, used by smartphone manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and most modern smartphones on the market.

RØDE put a short video together to help you. Check it out!