WindTech Mic-Muff Microphone Faux Fur Windshield/Windcover for the Panasonic AG-MC100


  • Fits Panasonic AG-MC100, 200, 900
  • Fits Sony HDW-750
  • Made in the USA!

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The WindTech Mic-Muff Microphone Windshield MM-14 is a fitted, fur, microphone windshield designed to reduce ambient wind noise when used with the Panasonic AG-MC100G & AG-MC200G microphones. This windshield includes 3/4″ fur for maximum wind diffusion. It easily slips over existing windscreens and stays in place with a convenient touch-fastener closure. Moreover, the windshield is acoustically transparent, ensuring no degradation in the quality of your microphone performance.

The Mic-Muff on average provides up to 20db of wind-noise reduction in a 20 mph wind while producing no negative effect on frequency response. Typically, this windshield can be fitted directly over the foam windscreen that came with your microphone or video camera, but some models may require placement over the microphone alone. For additional performance or as a replacement option, WindTech also offers the SG and BG Series of foam windscreens designed to work in conjunction with Mic-Muff windshields. This model is designed to work with Panasonic AG-MC100G microphones. It features a cylindrical shape with 46 x 46 x 107mm dimensions (front x rear x length).

Improve Sound Quality
Reduce ambient noise from wind and produce more professional results with this fitted, fur microphone windshield.

Panasonic AG-MC100, 200, 900
Sony HDW-750

For a chart to find the perfect size windscreen for your microphone, click here.

Made in the USA!


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