Betso En2 Hexapack Portable Rack System


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The EN2 Hexapack from Betso is a portable rack system for Audio Ltd. En2 receivers. It provides power distribution to all inserted receivers, connected antennas, and even other external devices. It can handle up to three MX/DX/DX2 receivers, so up to 6 audio channels can be easily connected to one pair of receiver antennas for maximum rig organization. Hexapack has very compact dimensions and robust construction, which designate it for field use.

Antennas Signal Distribution

RF signal from each antenna is equally distributed to all connected En2 receivers. For systems with larger numbers of transmitted channels, signal from each antenna can be evenly distributed between one or more HEXAPACKS or other devices through the antenna output connectors.

High efficient Input filters for removing unwanted RF spectrum

The HEXAPACK high-efficient input filters help to prevent receiver inter-modulation with other sources in band outside of the main working range of wireless systems like walkie-talkies, FM radios, wireless focus systems, WiFi and Bluetooth devices like mobile phones, etc.

Performance of wireless system will be better with less dropouts.

Antennas Powering

If required, external antennas powering can be easily switched on, providing DC power supply to external antennas through SMA connectors. This feature is valuable for easy connection of active receiver antennas like BETSO SHARKIE or BETSO CPAA.

Power Distribution

The BETSO HEXAPACK can be powered externally from DC power source of 6-18 V DC, which can be distributed to other (up to two) devices by parallel-connected external power connectors for easy rig interconnection. This external powering is then used for En2 receiver powering and optionally, if required, for active antenna powering.

Top Build Quality

Thanks to precise CNC milling manufacturing technology, aluminium alloy material, and original hi-quality connectors and components, HEXAPACK is very durable and compact solution for the best rig organization.

Frequency range 470 MHz to 850 MHz
Input filters attenuation High below 450 MHz (for example -82dB @ 100 MHz)
High above 870 MHz (for example -35dB @ 2.4 GHz)
Dimensions (h x w x d) 125 x 235 x 29 mm (4.9″ x 9.25″ x 1.14″)
Weight approx. 564 g (1.24 lb.)
Mechanical construction CNC milled aluminium alloy
Powering External powering 6 – 18 V DC
Current consumption 30mA @ 12V

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